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Image of Topography Tailgate Decal for 3RD GEN Tacoma (2016-2021)
Taco Clout

Topography Tailgate Decal for 3RD GEN Tacoma (2016-2021)


Set your truck apart from all the rest with Taco Clout's Topography Tailgate decal. These decals are made of quality materials and are backed by a 3 year warranty. We use some of the highest quality vinyl on the market that stand up to some of the harshest conditions. All of our decals are car wash safe so no need to worry about the decal peeling away.

This is a one layer decal, where the lines of the topography allow the color of your truck to show through.

These can be installed dry and completely by hand. No special tools required! But your more than happy to install using a wet method, if your more comfortable doing so.

The weather temperatures should be at least 50F to install your decals.

Dry Install
• Clean the surface throughly. Twice.
• Secure on edge of the decal in place with masking tape. either in the center of the decal, or along one edge.
• Hinge decal back to remove backing paper -
Edge Hinge - Remove all of the backing paper .
Center Hinge - Remove backing paper from one side of the hinge.
• Using a squeegee (or plastic credit card), press the decal on to the surface starting from the masking tape hinge. Start from the tape working outward to the edges, slowing working your way over the decal.
• Center hinge: Repeat for the other half with a center hinge.
• Remove the Transfer tape by folding the transfer tape back on itself and slowly peel it off the decal. Pull as close to 180 degree angle as possible. If the decal lifts, squeegee or rub the tape back in place on the decal. Repeat as needed if lifting continues as you remove the transfer tape.

Small air bubbles (anything less than 1/4") should go away on their own. Large bubbles can be popped with a small pin poke then pressed to remove air.

Wet Method
•Fill a spray bottle with water and 4 or 5 drops of dish soap.
•Select a dry hinge method to properly align your decal.
•Once you have some or all of the backing paper removed, spray the window and sticky side of the decal with the soapy water. complete using the same squeegee technique as the dry options.


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