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Tacoma Magnetic Phone Mount by Stiffy Mounts

$37.00 - $40.00

Tired of phone mounting solutions that require drilling into your dash? This product is for you. Introducing the V2 Stiffy Magnetic mount for your 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma (2016 to present models). This mount clips on the dash rail. No tape, glue, or drilling is needed.

This item comes out of the box ready to go. If for any reason you need to adjust the phones mounting angle, simply loosen the allen bolt and re tighten to the desired angle. Careful not to over tighten as you can crack the plastic clip.

This product is made from durable UV-resistant ASA Plastic that will not fade or crack and it's completely recyclable!

- Stiffy Phone Mount
- Round & Rectangle Magnets to secure to phone.

The magnets will work with a phone case.


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