Taco Clout
Image of Taco Clout Wide Angle Convex Performance Mirrors for Toyota Tacoma 2016-2022 & 2014+ 4Runner
Taco Clout

Taco Clout Wide Angle Convex Performance Mirrors for Toyota Tacoma 2016-2022 & 2014+ 4Runner

$139.00 - $169.00

Upgrade your stock Toyota Tacoma mirrors with Taco Clout’s new wide angel convex mirrors! These wide angel mirrors give you a broader field of view with increased blind spot visibility. These mirrors are also great when hitting the trails! You will be able to see your bumper before you rip it off! Taco Clout's mirrors come standard with a blue tint, which not only looks super rad, but also helps reduce glare at night!

Have stock or after market turn signals on your current mirrors? You can tap into the existing wiring to take advantage of our sequential turn signal built directly into the mirror! Have an upgraded tech package from Toyota? Your truck likely has blind spot monitoring then! No worries there either, as these mirrors have a spot to add in blind spot monitoring from the factory or wire up your own aftermarket blind spot monitoring solution.

These mirrors are high quality aftermarket replacements but are built like the OEM mirrors and are direct replacements. Practical, stylish and safer, these convex mirrors can be easily installed in a matter of minutes! Objects in mirrors are closer than they appear. Sold as a pair.

-2 Wide Angle Convex Mirrors (driver side & passenger side)
-Blind Spot Monitor LED Light (if purchased)
-Built in Sequential Turn Signals (if purchased)
-Built in Heated Mirrors (all models)

- OEM replacement/fitment.
- Wide angle convex to reduce blind spot
- Hydrophobic - Repeals water

Blindspot Reduced
To enhance your safety and driving performance, Taco Clout uses premium optical glass that creates the best wide angle convex, effectively reducing blind spot and reflecting clear images.

Taco Clout's mirrors are R1000, whereas other mirrors are R1400. (The smaller the R-number, the wider the view).

Our mirrors are So Gel to give our mirrors that true free and clear finish.


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