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Image of SPC Adjustable Upper Control arms for 2005-2020 Tacoma
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SPC Adjustable Upper Control arms for 2005-2020 Tacoma


For those with lift kits or worn out upper control arms, SPC’s replacement for Toyota Tacoma’s (2005-2020) is one of the more cost effective options on the market. Not only will these fix alignment issues, but also allow for more travel with aftermarket shocks.

If you’ve lifted your 2005-2020 Toyota Tacoma, you likely have found you are unable to achieve factory alignment specs. This is because caster and camber angles are limited with factory upper control arms. With SPC’s upper control arms you are able to achieve 0-4 degree of caster, and up to +2 of camber. These allow for factory alignment specs to be achieved, while also being able to fit larger tires if applicable.

For those who have extended travel shocks these will allow the extra droop required to run extended travel (not to be confused with long travel).

These are also a great replacement if you are just looking for an upper control arm to replace factory ones that may be wearing out, as these uppers ball joints are able to be greased, helping extend the lifetime of the upper control arm.

Part Number: 25470


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