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Image of Heretic Studio 6 Series 30 Inch Amber Light Bar
Heretic Studio

Heretic Studio 6 Series 30 Inch Amber Light Bar

$689.99 - $729.98

The numbers speak for themselves. Not only is this is the best bang for the buck. Its size allows for versatile fitment e.g. behind the grill of your car or truck, between the pillars of your UTV/RZR cage or roof rack. With the output of this bar, you’ll be able to signal Batman.

30-day satisfaction guarantee, and a lifetime warranty.

Build times can vary but most items ship within 1 week of placing the order. If you have questions just shoot us an email!


Don't forget to grab yourself a hidden bumper bracket to mount this monster!

- Fits most aftermarket brackets

- Designed in the USA, Patented in the USA, Manufactured in the USA, Assembled in the USA, Supported in the USA, Shipped from the USA
- (30) 6-watt CREE LED
- Full 180 watts of power, driven at 100%
- 21780 lumen
- 6061 billet housing
- 31 5/8 x 2 x 1.5 (bracket to bracket)
- IP68 rated
- Amp draw 17.9 Peak at 13.8V
- Stainless steel mounts
- Optional amber lens available
- LUX: 6188
- Candella: 618750


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