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Image of Heavy Duty Dual Output 3-way 4-pin Wiring Harness
Diode Dynamics

Heavy Duty Dual Output 3-way 4-pin Wiring Harness


This harness is intended to be used with the Stage Series pods with backlight functionality from Diode Dynamics. It can also be used with the Rough Country DRL series light pods. This harness connects directly to your vehicle's battery and allows you to power your offroad lighting. It features a three-way switch to toggle between the backlight, off, and the main beam. This harness uses high capacity 14AWG wiring and Deutsch DT connectors for simple plug-and-play installation.

- Connects directly to the battery to power your LED pods.
- High capacity 14AWG wiring.
- Dual Deutsch DT output connectors.
- Powers up to 8A per output cable.
- 30A waterproof fuse, and 60A 12V relay to safeguard the electrical systems in your pods.

- One (1) wiring harness
- One (1) toggle switch


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