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Image of GapShield™ Toyota Tailgate Gap Cover

GapShield™ Toyota Tailgate Gap Cover

$34.00 - $39.00

The GapShield saves you time and money by keeping loose materials like mulch and rock from falling through the gap between the tailgate, and the bed of your Tacoma. When used with a tonneau cover or bed cap, GapShield also acts as a partial tailgate seal that reduces the amount of dust and moisture in the truck bed.

Simply cut your GapShield™ to fit the length of your truck bed. Two full-lengths of high strength automotive grade adhesive strips included with your GapShield™ makes attachment to just about any truck bed surface easy and secure. The GapShield's durable elastomeric material easily flexes along its entire length, so it won't interfere with closing the tailgate, yet is in place when you need it. The GapShield™ can also be easily tucked in to the gap, getting it out of the way of any other use of your truck bed without interfering with closing or removing the tailgate.

- 6.5" x 60" or 6.5" x 40"
- Two-strips 3M high strength double-sided adhesive foamed tape. Adhesion promoter wipe included to enhance bond strength, especially necessary on "imperfect" bond surfaces and Spray-on-Liners.
- Matte Black


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